Women to Watch 2018

June 16, 2017-January 28, 2018 –  Women to Watch 2018 Exhibit.  Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art



Women to Watch 2018 will focus on the use of metal as an artistic medium. Long considered to be the work of men, metalsmithing was seen by many to be too physical and grueling for women. In the modern and contemporary eras, however, women artists have used this medium to create a broad range of objects, ranging from functional furniture to minimalist jewelry to purely aesthetic abstractions and large sculptural works.

Barbara O’Brien, Director and CEO of the Kemper Museum will be selecting five local artists who use metal as an artistic medium.

Cheryl Eve Acosta

Kansas City, MO




Healing Collar


 Debbie Barrett-Jones

Kansas City, MO





Navy to Aqua to Brown Waves Triptych

Angelica Sandoval

Prairie Village, KS




 Desiree Warren

Kansas City, MO





Jessica Thompson-Lee

Kansas City, MO




Left to right: Barbara O’Brien (Executive Director, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Curator of the WTW exhibit), Cheryl Eva Acosta (artist), Desiree Warren (artist), Margot Matteson (NMWA Board), Debbie Barrett-Jones (artist), Jessica Thompson-Lee (artist), Angelic Sandoval (artist).
Women to Watch Reception

Women to Watch Reception

Darlene McCluskey with Artist Angelica Sandoval, Pam Dameron and Vance Logan
Cheryl Eve Acosta, Cheryl Dawn, Linda Sybrant
Helen Fisher, artist Debbie Barrett-Jones and Joan Miller
Artist Jessica Thompson-Lee with Mary Jo Winder and Susan Chmel .Jessica Thompson-Lee, Mary Jo Winder, Susan Chmel


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